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Academician , PhD in History, researcher, author and journalist


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Prof. Bogdan Bogdanov

Prof. Bogdan Bogdanov’s website offers free online access to the books “From Homer to Evripides”, “Homer’s Epic”, “History of Ancient Greek Culture”, “Orpheus and the ancient mythology of the Balkans”, “Ancient Greek Literature”, “The Open Society as a problem of the Individual”, “Myth and Literature”, “An Understanding of Culture”, "The Literature of Hellenism", as well as over 100 articles and interviews; a forum on Ancient Greek literature "Love and Story"; information and materials on the "Literature, Text and Perception" seminar, etc.

Gutenberg Publishing

Publishing House "Guttenberg" focuses on books in the sphere of Bulgarian history and culture. Among the most popular books, published by the House are the two volumes of “History Populated with People”, "Distant Reports about Bulgaria" by Georgi Markov, the volumes of selected works and academic books by Nikolai Genchev, "Sensational Crimes and Catastrophes in Bulgaria" by Alexander Mirkov, "From Stambolov to Zivkov: Great disputes about modern Bulgarian History" by Rumen Daskalov, the bibliography "Bogomilism" by Krustina Gencheva, etc.

Balkani Publishing

Publishing House “Balkani” promotes Bulgarian culture and Bulgarian values by supporting the cultural and trade cooperation of mutual interest to neighboring Balkan countries and especially between Bulgarians and their neighbors. Among the projects of the House are the series "A Book with an Autograph", "Memory", "Selected Interviews", "Stories", "Balkan Library", etc.


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